Review: Painting Czeslawa Kwoka, by Sara Fryd

Review: Painting Czeslawa Kwoka, by Sara Fryd

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Painting Czeslawa Kwoka, Honoring Children of the Holocaust
Paintings by Lori Schreiner, Poems by Theresa Senato Edwards

The tears began, as if in slow motion, from behind the eyes then slowly down my cheeks until they came to a halt on my shirt where they will remain wet drops of memories. My memories that still, 65 years after the Holocaust has ended, are as real as when I heard them as whispers in the refugee camp in Germany. After so much time I still remember the stories and will always be the little boys Emanuel and Avram Rosenthal (p 24).

Even if the horrors are too great to deal with, remember we must. Painting Czeslawa Kwoka is a touching tribute, a visual blessing, a treasure of colors and words, a gift to a broken world by two amazing women. Books that teach us to remember with such grace and heart are the glue that brings us together in the hope that this will never happen again.

–Sara Fryd, author, What If … only one child remained?