Angela Marie Carter

Angela Marie Carter

Author Angela Marie Carter

Author Angela Marie Carter has been a writer, since the age of eight-years-old. What first became an escape from certain events in her childhood, became a way of life. Angela writes of the various subjects that many are uncomfortable speaking about; each of her poems are diverse, yet, all carry one message: Silence is not golden.

Born and raised in a Virginia farming town of less than 280 country-folk, Angela later moved abroad to England for several years, only to find memories followed her. She returned to sweet Virginia with a new-found confidence, and voice, to speak of the hidden life that she had experienced, and how it has followed her through every moment she has lived since those times.

Her first full-length collection of poetry, Memory Chose a Woman's Body, published June 6th, 2014 via unbound CONTENT. You probably won’t believe, after reading the book, that she feels positive that every single moment was supposed to occur. The book details a memoir-like journey, that shows the power of every moment in our lives and how it affects the next.

Angela is a wife and mother, and truly believes that had it not of been for poetry, she would not be either of them–she believes that poetry saved her life.

Published Poems

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