Our writers

Our writers

  • KJ Hannah Greenberg’s New Book is Now Available!

    KJ Hannah Greenberg’s New Book is Now Available!

    And A Bank Robber's Bad Luck With His Ex-Girlfriend is everything you could want in a collection about love! Delving into the seedy, gritty, meaty, imperfect, profane, and mundane layers of roma Read More

  • Pushcart Prize Nominations

    Pushcart Prize Nominations

    This is unbound CONTENT’s second year nominating and these great writers have not made it easy. Read More

  • Coming Soon!

    Coming Soon!

    Cassie Premo Steele’s second full-length poetry collection, The Pomegranate Papers! Get ready for more amazing poetry from our very first unbound CONTENT writer. Read More

  • Saltian on YouTube!

    Saltian on YouTube!

    Want to hear how others interpret the poems of Saltian? Check out the recordings of their readings by clicking here. Read More

  • WIP: Saltian Update!

    WIP: Saltian Update!

    Alice is working on edits as we speak. I can’t wait to see what the final poems look like! In the meantime, we’re still looking for more audio and video recordings of readings. Read More

  • Open Letter to Editorial Board of WIP: Saltian

    Open Letter to Editorial Board of WIP: Saltian

    First, I want to thank Annmarie Lockhart for accepting the time-consuming and tenuous role of being moderator for the WIP: Saltian project. Read More

  • WIP: Saltian, A-head

    WIP: Saltian, A-head

    This is the concluding poem of Saltian

    By Alice Shapiro

    Beating footprints on concrete
    leaves marks and shadows if we turn to look. Read More

  • WIP: Saltian, After war

    WIP: Saltian, After war

    From section 4, Soldier, of Saltian

    After war
    By Alice Shapiro

    Not a fan of war
    I abhor violence in all its peculiarities
    yet the warrior who fights injustice
    knows the core of evil unbounded. Read More

  • WIP: Saltian, Well done

    WIP: Saltian, Well done

    From section 5, The Justice, of Saltian

    Well done
    By Alice Shapiro

    I. Read More